Rumours Cafe

Due to post covid supply challenges Rumours Cafe will remain closed until further notice.

RUMOURS CAFE is our on-site dining facility located  adjacent to our front office.  It  only has 3 tables with seating for a maximum of 12 persons and the facility is air-conditioned.  The informal, laid back character of the  room offers a comfortable, private and personal experience. Menu content is a blend of International and Pacific Rim flavours and styles and, with enough notice, menu’s can be customised to suit guests requests. There is a limited beer and wine selection as well as espresso coffee menu and BYO is allowed. Operations are limited with the Cafe opening for Dinners on Sunday, Wednesday and Fridays only.

Reservations are required in advance, Breakfast and Lunch options are by appointment in advance only.

ROOM SERVICE is available for our guests for all meal periods  with orders needing to be placed 24 hours in advance. A room service fee is applied per person for any room service.  As a small facility, storage is a  challenge, hence the requirement for  our advance booking  policy for all meal periods including room service. We apologise in advance if we are challenged with supply.

Alternatives will always be offered.

The following are sample menus:

Lite Breakfast

Seasonal fruits, nuts and yoghurt


Rumours Toast

Like French toast but with mixed berry compote topping


2 Free Range Eggs on Toast

Fried, poached or scrambled


Pilaff Frittata

Sautéed rice, onions, green peppers, sweet chilli, sun driedtomato, pesto, topped with cheese and 2 free range eggs sunny side on the top


3 Free Range Egg Omelette

Gouda cheese & sundried tomato


Fishermans Breakfast …

Pan-seared yellowfin tuna or mahimahi topped with 2 free range eggs sunny side and tartare sauce


Rumours Benedict

2 Free Range poached eggs, bacon, banana, relish & hollandaise sauce mounted on toasted Aitutaki cheese bread


Side Options

Bacon (3 slices) $8.00

Grilled Tomato $4.00

Breakfast Sausage $7.00

Sauteed Onions with Pesto $5.00

Extra free range Egg $4.00

$4 - $8

The Fat Eggplant Salad

Grilled eggplant, sundried tomatoes, shredded lettuce, pawpaw, salad garni, pesto, parmesan,creamy balsamic dressing.


Taco’s a la Rumours

Shredded lettuce, vegetable garni, twice cooked ground beef, shredded cheese & chilli dip mayonnaise.


Buttered Chicken Wrap

Buttered chicken saute wrapped in a soft tortilla with lettuce, tomato, red onion and sweet chilli dressing.


Romancing the Chicken

A generous serving of chicken, simmered in a spicy red Thai & Coconut curry ragout, with steamed rice, roti and sweet chutneys.


Fettucine Bolognese

Al dente pasta smothered with meat sauce, herbs and parmesan



The open Cajun lamb salad sandwich— sautéed Cajun spicey pulled lamb, salad & fruit, aioli & mint in fresh baked Aitutaki cheese bread



The open Aitutaki bar bread beef burger— an all beef pattie with lettuce, tomato, cheese, dill pickle and fried egg….topped with gravy and onion jam


Prawn Salad

Assorted salads and fruit topped with garlic seasoned prawns and olive oil lime herb dressing.


Fish To Die For

(We only use fresh yellowfin tuna and / or mahimahi …. apologies if supplies are challenging…..and unless you tell us we will cook it rare.)

Ika Mata – marinated in limes and coconut cream $20.00

Pan Seared – served very rare with dipping sauces & side salad $22.00

Burgered – salad garni, cheese & green tartare sauce in a Aitutaki bun $23.00



Garlic Bread … $6.00

Garden Salad … housemade vinaigrette $9.00

Pasta Napoletana … tomato, onion & basil sauce $16.00

Breaded Calamari … with tartare sauce and lemon $16.00

Spicey Coconut Fish Broth … and crostini $17.00

BBQ Chicken, Lime & Feta Salad … with balsamic dressing $18.00

Rumours Sashimi … combo of smoked salmon & fresh yellowfin tuna $19.00

Salad of Poached Prawns … with marie rose dressing & lime $19.00

Vegetarian Oscar

vegetables and root crops in season braised in coconutjuice, citrus, fresh herbs, served with rice & sweet chilli mayo.


Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo

al dente fettuccine, shrimp, garlic,parmesan, fresh basil & citrus cream


Chicken Kiev

the breast filled with garlic butter & bacon on smashed potatoes with minted demi-jus, rocket and mango pickle.


Pork Belly

potato & green pepper roulade, caramelised apple, wholegrain mustard & demi jus.


Seafood Curry

fragrant coconut and vegetable infused curry with a seafood selection, steamed rice, roti and chutneys.


Pan Seared Tuna

very rare yellowfin tuna on a warm green bean & potato salad, lemon hollandaise & pawpaw salsa.


Prime Ribeye Steak & Prawns

recommended medium rare, with smashed potatoes, local spinach, jus lie & hollandaise.


Rack of NZ Lamb

OMG!!!… rosemary, thyme & garlic encrusted, couscous, feta, olives, capsicums, sundried tomatoes, mint jelly, red onions, demi jus.


Special Dinners

Rumours Café operations is also complimented by Private Romantic Dinners under the stars.  This dinner programme is available to in-house guests only.

Catering and Reception for Small Weddings & Family Groups staying at Aitutaki Escape is also available upon request.

Wedding or Small Family Groups

Wedding or Small Family Groups

Dinner Under The Stars

Dinner Under The Stars