Rumours Café – Dinner Menu


Garlic Bread … $6.00

Garden Salad … housemade vinaigrette $9.00

Pasta Napoletana tomato, onion & basil sauce $16.00

Breaded Calamari with tartare sauce and lemon $16.00

Spicey Coconut Fish Broth and crostini $17.00

BBQ Chicken, Lime & Feta Salad with balsamic dressing $18.00

Rumours Sashimi combo of smoked salmon & fresh yellowfin tuna $19.00

Salad of Poached Prawns … with marie rose dressing & lime $19.00


Main Courses

Vegetarian Oscar … $28.00 vegetables and root crops in season braised in coconutjuice, citrus, fresh herbs, served with rice & sweet chilli mayo.

Shrimp Fettuccine Alfredo … $30.00 al dente fettuccine, shrimp, garlic,parmesan, fresh basil & citrus cream

Chicken Kiev … $30.00 the breast filled with garlic butter & bacon on smashed potatoes with minted demi-jus, rocket and mango pickle.

Pork Belly … $30.00 potato & green pepper roulade, caramelised apple, wholegrain mustard & demi jus.

Seafood Curry … $34.00 fragrant coconut and vegetable infused curry with a seafood selection, steamed rice, roti and chutneys.

Pan Seared Tuna … $34.00 very rare yellowfin tuna on a warm green bean & potato salad, lemon hollandaise & pawpaw salsa.

Prime Ribeye Steak & Prawns … $37.00 recommended medium rare, with smashed potatoes, local spinach, jus lie & hollandaise.

Rack of NZ Lamb …OMG!!!… $42.00 rosemary, thyme & garlic encrusted, couscous,feta, olives, capsicums, sundried tomatoes, mint jelly, red onions, demi jus.