Rumours Café – Lunch Menu

The Fat Eggplant Salad $20.00

Grilled eggplant, sundried tomatoes, shredded lettuce, pawpaw,

salad garni, pesto, parmesan,creamy balsamic dressing.

Taco’s a la Rumours $20.00

Shredded lettuce, vegetable garni, twice cooked ground beef, shredded cheese & chilli dip mayonnaise.

Buttered Chicken Wrap $22.00

Buttered chicken saute wrapped in a soft tortilla with lettuce, tomato, red onion and sweet chilli dressing.

Fettucine Bolognese $22.00

Al dente pasta smothered with meat sauce, herbs and parmesan

Fish To Die For ….. (We only use fresh yellowfin tuna and / or mahimahi …. apologies if supplies are challenging…..and unless you tell us we will cook it rare.)

Ika Mata – marinated in limes and coconut cream $20.00

Pan Seared – served very rare with dipping sauces & side salad $22.00

Burgered –

salad garni, cheese & green tartare sauce in a Aitutaki bun $23.00

T.O.C.L.S.S….. $24.00

The open Cajun lamb salad sandwich— sautéed Cajun spicey pulled lamb, salad & fruit, aioli & mint in fresh baked Aitutaki cheese bread

T.O.A.B.B.B.B….. $24.00

The open Aitutaki bar bread beef burger— an all beef pattie with lettuce, tomato, cheese, dill pickleand fried egg….topped with gravy and onion jam

Prawn Salad $27.00

Assorted salads and fruit topped with garlic seasoned prawns and olive oil lime herb dressing.

Romancing the Chicken $27.00

A generous serving of chicken, simmered in a spicy red Thai & Coconut curry ragout, with steamed rice, roti and sweet chutneys.